Intensives are multi-session, cohort-based experiential learning opportunities that go deep on a specific topic. Our fall 2018 Intensives are:


Blended Reality: Earth & Energy

Info Session: 9/18, 5–6pm

Six sessions, 5–7pm: 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6

This Intensive dives into developing for augmented and virtual reality using 3D tools and Unity. The focus will be the use of this medium as a collaborative approach to produce practical tools to educate on the energy transition the world needs to undertake to prevent climate change. The output of the work will be presented at the 2018 Avangrid Innovation Forum on 11/16.

Applications are due September 21.  


Internet of Things

Five sessions, 6–9pm: 10/3, 10/10, 10/24, 10/31, and 11/7

In the Internet of Things Intensive, teams of two to four people will design and implement electronics projects that include integrating sensors, data processing, wireless communication, and outputs over the course of five classes. Theory, best practices, and examples of IoT system design will be covered, but the majority of the time will be spent getting hands-on experience building a project. Groups can apply together; individual applicants will be matched by interest before the first class.

Applications are due September 19. 



Four sessions, 1-4pm: 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, and 11/30

The Fermentation Intensive will take a deep (bubbling) look and hands-on approach to the industry, science, and cross-cultural craft of fermentation. This series will allow for an examination of the role of microbes in food and beverage creation in this evolving sector, as well as a look into the role microbes play in human health. The Intensive will involve visits with companies in the space, food scientists, and those looking at the health effects of fermented foods. Hands-on workshops and experimentation with product creation will also be a featured aspect of this Intensive.

Applications are due October 16. 


Product Development and Innovation with L’Oréal

Five sessions: 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, and 11/28

The Product Development and Innovation Intensive, in partnership with L’Oréal and CEID, will give students an insiders look at what it means to innovate and develop products within large organizations.  Students will learn from top leaders from L’Oréal on the full product design process, from inspiration to launch.  The Intensive will potentially include a trip to L’Oréal’s headquarters to present final projects.

Applications are due September 17.


Health Data Sandbox

Have you ever wondered how software workflows and backend systems in a healthcare system work? Do you enjoy coding and want to apply that knowledge to a real-world challenge in healthcare? CITY and Yale New Haven Health System’s IT group invite students with an interest in coding and health data to apply for this Intensive. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals to develop a unique, customized solution for real-time data analytics and data integration that uses the electronic health record (EHR) and related mobile libraries to parse patient generated data (PGD), analyze it in near-real time (utilizing both real-time and historic data from Hadoop), provide recommendations/risk assessmen, and deliver them through appropriate EHR channels.

Applications are due September 21. 


Clinical Redesign

Are you interested in tackling healthcare’s toughest challenges? Do you have a unique way of approaching a problem and arriving at a creative solution? A joint program between CITY and Yale New Haven Health System’s Clinical Redesign Group will provide students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines a first-hand look at challenges facing frontline clinicians and healthcare providers, inviting students to provide a fresh perspective and create innovative solutions to some of healthcare’s toughest challenges.

Applications are due September 21. 

Alternative Protein 101

Three sessions, 12-3pm: 10/26, 11/2, 11/9

Do you want to engage with the transformation of the food system towards a more responsible one that also reduces the continuous methane belching of ruminants? In the Alternative Protein 101 Intensive, you will learn about the impacts of animal agriculture on our health and environment, and how food innovation is bringing us closer to alternatives that delight consumers with a fraction of the negative impacts. Whether that's through "clean" meat (also known as lab-grown meat) or through well thought-out plant-based foods, the fabric of our food system is changing (socially, ethically, and environmentally) and you don't want to be the one still belching when the legumes come to town. All those interested in learning more about the future of food and the social impact of food should apply, regardless of your current dietary practices!

Applications are due October 10.


All of our Intensives use the same application.