“We Could Trust our own Instincts:” Catching up with Stephanie Laga

Last fall, Tsai CITY and the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) partnered with L’Oréal to host a new Intensive, titled Product Development and Innovation. The cohort-based, multi-session program brought together students from cross-campus disciplines, placing them in teams and challenging them to develop novel products. The program’s impact lasted beyond the fall semester: In the months that followed, the L’Oréal and student teams explored next steps for product ideas that seemed particularly promising. Over the summer, two student products (one focused on hair coloring and one focused on curl holding) were approved by L’Oréal for patent filing — a remarkable output of a semester-long extracurricular program. A student team member behind one of these products, Stephanie Laga, also joined the L’Oréal team in July as an intern, continuing to build on a connection first sparked in the Intensive. We chatted with Stephanie to get her perspective on the Intensive, lessons for innovation, and more. Read more.

Laura Mitchell