WE@Yale is a collaborative movement to support Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs across Yale’s campus. WE are a cross-campus community to support women and non-binary femme innovators and entrepreneurs providing skill-building, story-telling, coaching and community. WE@Yale is supported by Tsai CITY and the Yale School of Management Program for Entrepreneurship. 



Yale Women Innovator Series is a weekly event series that brings women entrepreneurs and innovators from around the country to share their stories and provide actionable skills training. There are two types of events in this series:

Skill Building Sessions

Skill building sessions will focus on skills that have been identified as critical for women to succeed in entrepreneurship. These include:

  • Communications

  • Negotiations

  • Access to funding

  • Pitching

  • Building a network & finding mentors

Storytelling Sessions

Guests will share their personal journeys in entrepreneurship and innovation including challenges they have faced and lessons learnt.

Check out our upcoming events here.



If you have an idea, want to learn more about resources at Yale, or want advice on your business/non-profit/innovation, there are coaches across Yale's campus who are happy to meet with you! 

Please email Cass Walker (cassandra.walkerharvey@yale.edu) or Jennifer McFadden (jennifer.mcfadden@yale.edu) for more information. 



WE@Yale will be hosting signature events throughout the year, including:

  • Yale Women's Group Cross-Campus Mixers
  • Yale Women Innovator Summit
  • Sexism in Silicon Valley Event Series

Stay tuned!