CITY programs offer a variety of ways to explore and engage with innovation and entrepreneurship, across a number of approaches and disciplines. Those programs range from short, one-time, drop-in sessions to multi-week, application-only programs.


  • Spark Sessions

  • Raggedy


  • Intensives

  • Bootcamps + Retreats

  • Workshops

  • Signature Events


  • Accelerators

  • Innovation Advisors 

  • Projects


  • WE@Yale Breakfast Series

  • Future Teachers of Color Working Group

  • Wellness Pump-Up Sessions

  • Pitch Slams + Storytelling Nights

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Spark Sessions

Spark Sessions are hands-on ideation and creativity sessions. Feel free to drop in, check out CITY, and learn a little more about innovation. Upcoming sessions »



9/12 6-8pm, 9/26 11:30am-1pm, 10/10 11:30am-1pm, 11/14 11:30am-1pm, 11/28 11:30am-1pm, 12/12 11:30am-1pm

What’s been on your mind lately? From day-to-day experiences to global trends, so much is ripe for innovation, but it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you're curious about starting something on campus or are reading national headlines and asking questions, we want to talk about it. Join us for a lunch chat — about your curiosities, questions, and concerns — where you don’t have to have all the answers. Let’s explore what’s going on in our lives, around our campus, and around the world together. As the name Raggedy suggests, it’s okay if your ideas and opinions are not fully formulated yet. We can figure it out together! Upcoming sessions »

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Intensives are multi-session, cohort-based experiential learning opportunities that go deep on a specific topic. This fall’s lineup:

  • Internet of Things

  • Fermentation

  • Product Development and Innovation with L’Oréal

  • Health Data Sandbox

  • Clinical Redesign

  • Blended Reality: Earth & Energy

  • Alternative Protein 101

 Learn more and apply!


Bootcamps + Retreats

Tsai CITY also offers 1-2 day bootcamps and retreats, which focus on in-depth skill building and personal development, respectively. This fall:

  • Changemakers' Retreat

  • Blockchain Bootcamp 

Learn more and apply!



CITY offers a wide variety of workshops: 1-2 hour skill-building sessions with topical experts. Upcoming workshops »


Signature Events

CITY offers several signature events each year, which draw large crowds and engage with the broadest audiences across the university and beyond. This fall:

  • Celebrity 2.0 Panel

  • Open Earth Hackathon

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Accelerators: For-Profit and Non-Profit

CITY’s Accelerator, which runs every fall and spring semester, guides students and teams with innovative ideas through the process of building effective organizations, projects, and ventures through workshops, mentorship, and funding. This fall:

  • For-Profit Startup Accelerator

  • Non-Profit Startup Accelerator

Learn more and apply! 



The CITY Student Innovation Advisors are a crackerjack team of experienced graduate and professional school students who staff the CITY Accelerator and provide coaching in innovation and entrepreneurship to Yale organizations and startups of all kinds, from businesses to student clubs to academic departments and centers. Innovation Advisors help select and manage the Accelerator’s portfolio.

Applications are due at 11:59pm on September 4. Apply now!



CITY runs a number of semester-long, narrowly focused projects that work towards concrete outcomes in particular fields. Many of our projects are in partnership with other centers at Yale and beyond. This fall:

  • Blockchain for Open Microgrids

  • Knowledge Equity

Learn more and apply!

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WE@Yale Breakfast Series

Tuesdays 9/11–12/11, 8:30am–9:30am

Yale Women Innovators is a weekly breakfast speaker series designed to foster community discussion, idea sharing, best practices, business fundamentals, networking, and team-building opportunities in support of Yale women students, alumni, faculty, and staff interested in entrepreneurship and innovation at any level. Each session hosts a speaker, followed by Q&A. Upcoming sessions »



Co-sponsored by the Yale Education Studies Program and CITY, this application-based working group is designed to address and discuss specific issues that students of color will face in entering the K-12 teacher workforce in order to create an innovative and diverse teacher pipeline. Issues discussed in the monthly workshop include relationships with students, discipline, and being a change agent within an institution. Workshop leader Cecil Barnes has been a high school music and history teacher at public district and charter schools in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Boston, and New York and currently works as Dean of Culture at Amistad Academy in New Haven. 

Applications are due on September 21. Apply now!


Pitch Slams + Storytelling NIGHTS

Get your ideas HEARD. CITY hosts evening events focused on sharing ideas and stories with the broader community. Pitch slams are open mic nights to share your innovative idea and find co-founders and collaborators. Storytelling nights focus on connecting through narrative and shared experiences.


Wellness Pump-Up Sessions

10/1 8:30–9:30am and 12/3 8:30–9:30am

CITY hosts Wellness Pump-Up Sessions that feature a fun, low-key mix of meditation, yoga, dancing, and more to get you relaxed and ready to take on new things. Upcoming sessions »