Leaders Innovation Lab


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what is the leaders innovation lab?

The CITY Leaders Innovation Lab is a roundtable program for students in leadership positions in student clubs or organizations of any stripe. Over 6 weekly dinners, participants will strengthen core leadership and operational skills, explore techniques for driving innovation and effectiveness, and build bonds with peers across different types of organizations.

who should apply?

Any student, undergrad or grad, is eligible to apply for the Leaders Innovation Lab. All we ask is that: 

  • You are in a leadership position of a Yale College or Graduate School student club or organization

  • You have a diversity of experience and demonstrated interest in taking on leadership positions (here at Yale or otherwise)

  • You are interested in learning about different leadership styles, and how you can grow as an innovative leader


what does the leaders innovation lab do?

Leaders Innovation Lab meets once a week, for a closed roundtable dinner for six consecutive weeks. Through discussions, dialogues and debates you will: 

  • understand your unique leadership style and explore what it means to be an innovative and effective leader

  • understand your strengths and weaknesses as leaders, and identify actionable areas of improvement

  • explore & discuss challenges in leadership, and apply this to your own leadership positions

  • explore how these lessons can inform your future career choices

  • explore, and develop key mindsets including: empathy, risk-taking, creativity, and resilience

  • meet a diverse set of peers from across Yale, and form a new community

The Leaders Innovation Lab will be facilitated by CITY staff, fellows and mentors.


what will i get out of the experience?

Six delicious dinners. Your dream mentor. A new community of peers and friends. A toolkit to become a more effective, innovative leader. 

Leaders are those who take responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty
— Ganz, 2008