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Apply for the Food Product Development Intensive!

For the food-obsessed, ambitious home cooks, and mission-driven eaters, step away from your studies with an extracurricular deep-dive you can really dig your teeth into: Tsai CITY’s Food Product Intensive. In collaboration with the Yale Landscape Lab and Yale Sustainable Food Program, our Food Product Intensive will explore how to take an idea or prototype — like your experimental concept for plankton-based pasta or a dream to build a product around culturally-important grains — from a brainstorm in your dorm kitchen to the global market.

Five sessions will walk you through the steps of transforming an idea into a product, and a product into production: addressing mission and ethics, defining your brand, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing food products and taking them to market, and scaling up. Learn from industry experts about what principles for success look like in the food industry, whether it’s techniques for crafting your own secret recipe or connecting with the right people for your key ingredients. Your ideas and experience will be further enriched through in-depth mentorship, hands-on workshops and site visits, as well as group critiques of what you and your team have been working on. Join us in building an innovative, thoughtful, and purpose-minded food entrepreneurship community at Yale.