Join our Mentor Network

Are you interested in sharing your professional expertise with young innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs at Yale? 

Tsai CITY is actively recruiting Yale alumni and friends of Yale to join its mentor network. We particularly encourage women and people of color to apply.


We serve Yale undergraduates and students from all Yale graduate and professional schools who are working to solve real-world problems. Some examples of student initiatives that our mentors have worked with include:

Raise Green aggregates small investments to provide equity in project finance companies and offers investors a market rate of return while financing projects that provide social and environmental benefits.

By exploring the stories of Black students on Yale’s campus, Now, in Color counters the media’s traditional and monolithic construction of what it means to be Black. Each episode of this documentary series delves into subjects’ interests, passions, hopes and motivations, from mechanical engineering to poetry. The series aims to showcase, to the world, the breadth and depth that is Blackness. 

Symbrosia is developing a saltwater aquaponic system capable of growing both Pacific white shrimp and the red microalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis, which together have the potential to both improve the quality of the product and reduce the environmental impacts associated with current beef and seafood production.

Students of Salaam works to ensure the success of migrants and their local communities through education, mentorship, and cultural exchange by providing integration platforms for education and communication between migrant and non-migrant populations.

Rosie River Boots provides attractive and stylish steel-toed boots for feminine people whose jobs require safety footwear; no more switching shoes between the field or manufacturing floor and the board room!

Two students pitch at a CITY Demo Day.

Two students pitch at a CITY Demo Day.

Expertise needed

We are especially interested in connecting students with mentors who have experience in the following industries:

  • technology

  • healthcare

  • food

  • manufacturing

  • retail

  • fashion

  • finance

  • sustainability and renewable energy

  • nonprofits and social entrepreneurship

  • agriculture

  • real estate

  • media, filmmaking, and the arts

  • cultural and faith-based institutions

  • venture capital

  • politics

We are also particularly looking for mentors with expertise in the following functions:

  • branding

  • marketing

  • finance

  • operations

  • intellectual property

  • leadership

  • investing

  • hiring

  • organizational growth

  • fundraising

  • software engineering

  • big data

  • market sizing

  • supply chain (especially international and sustainable)

  • product prototyping

  • organizational capacity-building

Mentor profile

Mentors should have specific expertise to offer, enjoy working with young people, and be able to provide constructive, positive feedback. Previous experience mentoring startups is a plus!



We will tailor the mentorship to your availability. You can offer a one-time coaching session on a narrowly focused topic, a monthly check-in conversation, or meetings every two to three weeks. Most mentoring is conducted remotely via phone or video conference, but mentors within the greater New Haven area are encouraged to meet with students in person. 

Mentors typically work with one team at a time, though most student teams are assigned one to three mentors to round out the range of expertise they may require. For instance, a team might need both a solar panel expert and an investment professional, or a real estate expert and a digital marketing guru. 

We carefully match mentors to student teams according to mentor expertise and team need. We monitor each match to ensure that both mentors and students have a productive, enjoyable experience.


How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email to indicate your interest and schedule an interview time. In the subject line of your email, please use “Interested in Tsai CITY Mentoring.”