Notes from the Yale ecosystem

Things we're thinking about

  • A speaker series featuring influential entrepreneurs. Who would you most like to see on campus?
  • Spring Accelerator focus areas:  Food? Fake news? Drones? Crisis response? Blockchain? Inclusion in tech? Civic innovation?
  • Ideas for a university-wide Grand Challenge: How to fight online propaganda and media manipulation & elevate real journalism?
  • A 3-day intensive product hack retreat for serious technologists in Fall 2018.
  • If you have input on the above, or ideas about what CITY should be doing, you should get involved - come see us for office hours, become a member, attend an event, or just get in touch. At minimum, be sure to join our mailing list!
  • - Ariel Hudes
    “The Innovation Advisors at Tsai CITY are amazing. I love working with these all-star students and helping to shape the program.”
  • - Vince Tenorio
    “I’m excited to support CITY in connecting students across the university who believe in a diversity of ideas and want to support them.”
  • - Michelle Lim
    “I’m interested in innovation at healthcare. With so much support at CITY, it’s easy to start something.”
  • - Keniel Yao
    “I’m excited to bring all the entrepreneurship resources across campus together. CITY’s emphasis on diversity is very Yale – it makes it very different from other accelerators.”
  • - Dianne Lake
    “I’m interested in cross-discipline collaborations at CITY. In particular, the way that artists’ advocacy can help bridge gaps between lawyers and the community.”

Seem Interesting?