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The Art of Risk Taking

The first workshop in Tsai CITY's Innovative Mindsets series will feature Catie Whelan presenting "The Art of Risk Taking."

The Art of Risk Taking is a high-energy interactive leadership and professional development workshop. It will help you:
• Take smart risks consistent with your values
• Develop resiliency through mindsets and strategies to handle fear, failure, rejection, and criticism
• Establish self-care practices to reduce stress and burnout


About the Presenter:
Caitie Whelan is the Founder/Noter-in-Chief of The Lightning Notes, a short daily post to help us move the world forward. It features great ideas and striking stories to remind us that we matter and that improving the world is our matter. Prior to The Lightning Notes, Caitie was a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor in Congress, co-founded a school in India with a community of lower caste musicians, and raised pigs in Italy. She is a graduate of Brown University - where she co-launched their Social Innovation Initiative and is a member of
the Brown Women’s Leadership Council - and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, where she co-founded and chaired the Salt Alumni Board. She serves on the board of the Treehouse Institute and is a Truman Scholar from Maine.