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Yale Women Innovator's Series: Re-Balancing the Non-profit Model while Re-defining the Narrative

Nancy Yao Maasbach has a twisty-turny, 21st-century career – from banking at Goldman Sachs, engaging Fortune 500 companies in policy formation at the Council on Foreign Relations, leading U.S.-China relations at the grassroots level at the Yale-China Association, to running a cultural Museum at the Museum of Chinese in America. Nancy will discuss how to fit square, private sector skills into round, non-profit sector holes while considering innovation at the core of a suggested revolution in the U.S. non-profit and cultural models.



Yale Women Innovators is a weekly event series that brings women entrepreneurs and innovators from around the country to share their stories and provide actionable skills training in storytelling and skill-building sessions. Open to all Yale women students, alumni, faculty staff, and community members.