Bootcamps + Retreats

Tsai CITY offers two types of one-day and two-day programs: bootcamps and retreats, which respectively focus on in-depth skill building and personal development.

ChangemakerS' Retreat

The Changemakers' Retreat is for leaders who want to make a positive impact on the world through sustainable action. This weekend-long getaway, which will take place November 9-10, is a deep dive into defining your purpose and harnessing your leadership power. We will utilize tools to gain greater self-awareness, improved team cohesion, and effective strategies for systemic change. Join us for workshops, discussions, and reflections on how to create sustainable change at the individual, team, and system level with inspiring and determined changemakers just like you. Together, we will collaborate with and challenge each other to take action on the issues that matter most.

Applications are due October 26. 


Blockchain Bootcamp

Join us on a weekend-long event to kickstart your blockchain thinking and practical skillset. Day 1 is a general introduction and discussion on the technology and its use-cases, and Day 2 features hands-on workshops to deploy smart contracts, tokens, and the basics of getting started as a blockchain developer.