Presidential Update on Yale’s Academic Priorities (Yale News)

“Saying that ‘[thinking] innovatively is an important component of educational excellence for students of all levels — and not only in the sciences,’ Salovey wrote about Yale’s new innovation corridor, which includes the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, the Greenberg Engineering Teaching Concourse, and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY).

Although it is the newest program and awaiting construction of its own facility, Tsai CITY has already begun programming, said Salovey, adding: ‘Although it will certainly help students create new ventures and become entrepreneurs, it has a broader mandate. Tsai CITY provides students with the knowledge and experience to create and change public policy in their communities, to bring creativity and multidisciplinary approaches to their future careers, and to serve others.’”

Read the full Yale News story on Yale President Peter Salovey’s update on academic priorities, which included coverage of Tsai CITY’s mission and growing presence on campus.

Laura Mitchell