Incubating Innovation in Faith-Based and Social Impact Spaces: Introducing Divinnovation

Yale Divinity School (YDS) and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale(Tsai CITY) are located far apart on Yale’s campus — with YDS’ Georgian-style campus perched on Prospect Hill while CITY occupies office space downtown — but a new initiative aims to bring them closer. Led by divinity students, Divinnovation is a student group that will partner with CITY to incubate innovation among emerging faith-based and social impact leaders at YDS, and to connect YDS community members with innovators across Yale’s campus. Driven by student interests, this partnership is a new model for CITY, one that Divinnovation’s leaders hope will spur collaborations like workshops, tailored mentoring, and clear pathways to connect students with CITY’s suite of resources.” Read the full article.

Laura Mitchell